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20 Septembre 2010 , Rédigé par APPA Publié dans #ONG-Associations.



20 Sept 2010


In reaction to President Sarkozy’s announcement at the UN Summit in New York that he would champion a Financial Transaction Tax as Chair of the G20 from 2011, ActionAid’s Head of Policy Meredith Alexander said:


“It’s fantastic that France is proving that even in tough economic times, money can be found to tackle poverty. As chair of the G20 from next year President Sarkozy is in pole position to lead progress on a financial transaction tax. This tiny tax on major financial deals would cost banks little, but raise big bucks for the world’s poor”. 


 “Investing in the world’s poor will make a major difference not only to their lives, but also the global economy. Every year we fail to meet the millennium hunger promise, the world loses $450 billion. Meeting that promise costs only a tenth of this. Sarkozy’s announcement gives new hope this money can be found”.




For more information, interviews, photos and case studies contact:

(In New York ) Natalie Curtis on +44 7931787025 or Natalie.Curtis@actionaid.org

(In Brussels ) Chris Coxon on +32 488 878 381 or Chris.Coxon@actionaid.org


Notes to Editors:

Download ActionAid’s new hunger report:
A new ActionAid report has revealed that hunger could be costing poor nations $450 billion a year - more than ten times the amount needed to halve hunger by 2015 and meet Millennium Development Goal One. ActionAid’s report 
Who’s really fighting hunger? which shows the real dates countries will meet MDG1 and scores nations on their efforts to fight hunger, is released as world leaders meet at the UN in New York to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals.


Who is ActionAid?
ActionAid is a leading aid agency in the fight against hunger. It works with farmers in 30 countries and has spearheaded a global campaign aimed at ensuring governments deliver on the first Millennium Development Goal: to halve extreme poverty and hunger by 2015. The ActionAid HungerFREE campaign aims to put the issue of hunger to the top of the political agenda. For more information on HungerFREE go to: www.hungerfreeplanet.org


Chris Coxon

Media and Communications Officer

ActionAid International EU Office

41 Rue du Commerce

1000 Brussels


Tel: +32 2 503 24 22

Fax: +32 2 502 62 03

E-mail: Chris.Coxon@actionaid.org

Skype: chris.aa.bru


End poverty. Together.

ActionAid is an international anti-poverty
agency working in over 40 countries, taking
sides with poor people to end poverty and
injustice together.


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